With the federal election on the horizon, Prime Minister/guy who got stuck covering a shift after everyone else bailed, Scott Morrison, has hired an entourage of six men named ‘Macca’ in order to seem more Australian.

Although Mr Morrison leads polls as preferred PM to opposition leader Bill Shorten, the Prime Minister is failing to beat other viable options such as a solid punch in the face or donkey voting.

Pundits are speculating that it was for this reason the caretaker Prime Minister has hired a team of blokes named ‘Macca’ in order to seem like a more relatable Australian that actually has friends.

“Oi ‘big-ears Macca’ over there, he goes for Queensland if you can believe it?” stated Mr Morrison over a round of Crownies he shouted the crew as per their contracts.

“I boo Queensland, no way! Go the Sharkoes!”

The PM’s media adviser Andrew Carswell states that while the PM may appear to be standing amongst a group of men selected just for their name, there is much more to the group dynamic than first meets the eye.

“Glass-eye Macca is a two for one because he has problems with his vision and a pension. That will play well with the boomers,” stated Carswell.

“Redneck Macca is the foulest, most intolerant person I’ve ever met. He has a tattoo of a swastika inside a tattoo of a bigger swastika. He’s there to make the PM look more progressive.”

At the time of writing, Redneck Macca is currently leading news polls as preferred Prime Minister.


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