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The Prime Nightwatchman of Australia has lashed out at himself, and Labor this afternoon after visiting a local private school that has four demountable classrooms on what used to be the tennis centre.

ScoMo visited our cosmopolitan desert republic today as a part of his whirlwind tour of the Sunshine State in this the final week of campaigning for this year’s election.

After a meeting with the principals from the Greater Channel Country Public Schools Association at Betoota Grove’s exclusive Whooton School For Boys, ScoMo spied a number of demountable classrooms that the school bought while they completed renovations on the school’s new Science and Sports Centre.

“What is this shit?” asked Scott.

“Have the parents seen these classrooms? Oh my God! This is unacceptable. Why are they here?”

Whooton principal Dr Fenton Rothmann explained to the Nightwatchman that they didn’t have enough money to educate the boys within a sandstone cocoon and renovate the Science block at the same time.

A source of great embarrassment, he said.

“Well that’s it,” said ScotMo.

“I’m earmarking some more funding for schools like this one. I can’t have the future of this country subjected to this type of thing,”

“What are the local public schools using as classrooms? Kmart tents? This country is going to shit, I tell you what.”

The Advocate reached out to a large number of public school principals for comment but all their phones were either off the hook or disconnected.

More to come.


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