In an incredible turn of events down on the NSW/Victorian Border, a bloke named Brayden McQueen hs just managed to beat the police border check.

Speaking to us from some back street of Lavington, the young man said he decided he didn’t want to risk being turned back to the COVID-Republic of Victoria, and decided to just launch it on his 250.

The young man reportedly sped up the side of stalled traffic trying to get through the border control a short time ago, before taking his dirt bike off a small lump of bitumen common along all regional roads, and jumping the strict border control.

“Apparently they’re asking people to answer all these hectic questions,” explained the young chippy from Wodonga who works in Albury, plays footy in Albury and spends most of his time in NSW.

“So I didn’t wanna take my chances getting turned by back the cops,” continued the young man who loves riding a dirt bike in shorts.

“Was like the Great Escape aye,” he laughed, referencing the famous film where a group of soldiers stage a mass escape from a German POW camp.

“I was just like Steve, saw the writing on the wall and bounced my way over the fence.”

“Anyway, gotta run now”

“See ya”


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