With the Grand Final hype now at fever pitch, it can be confirmed that there has been a serious spike in milk emojis going round.

As the Raiders bandwagon reaches nigh on full capacity, the Daily Telegraph have confirmed that they’ve been copping the brunt of the milk emojis flooding social media.

With everyone getting behind the perennial battlers as they get set to take on the sombreroed machine that is the Sydney Roosters, the moderators at the Tele said everything they post has been flooded with milk emojis from profiles with 90’s era display pictures.

“It’s been something akin to a tsunami,” said the paper’s social media editor Peta Taylor.

“I just posted a story about where to get great Bánh Mìs in Sydney and within minutes there double figure amounts of milk emojis in the comments section,” she said.

“I’m not sure how recommending a place in Marrickville is evidence of my big team bias, but there’s no stopping them.”

It can also be confirmed that the number of milk emojis bombarding comments sections will not be easing up any time soon.

“Look it’s great for our engagement metrics, so we can’t complain too much,” the social media editor said.

“So we’ll just buckle up and drink our milk for the next couple of days.”


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