Canadian-Italian singer Michael Bublé has once again taken the opportunity to remind the nation that another spin around on this increasingly barren chunk of rock is pretty much done and dusted.

The reminder comes with the beginning of the bulk rotation of his Christmas songs in cafes, shopping centres, supermarkets and pretty much all retail stores across the country.

“Another year in the fucking bin,” sighed local woman Kacey Bailey trying to do a bit of work in a cafe this morning.

“Thanks Michael, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas you smarmy looking Canadian fuck.”

“It’s stinking hot, the silly season is in full swing, I’m exhausted, and pretty much all of the things I wanted to do this year have been pushed back to 2020.”

“So it certainly is looking like that time where I clock off for the year and ‘look forward’ to the next year, that will probably be the same as this year.”

Bailey then paused, as if she were a mid-20th-century French philosopher contemplating some bold existentialist idea before issuing a seminal quote.

“I don’t know why my mum likes him so much. It’s disgusting, and he’s inescapable for the next 4 weeks now.”


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