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Commuters in Melbourne have today walked a mile in some Sydneysider’s shoes.

After a random busker doing breathing exercises and holding a duffel bag was mistaken for a guy with a gun this morning, commuters on Melbourne’s city loop were left running very late.

With the loop shut down by the Critical Response Team as they investigated and evacuated this morning, one Melbourne local said it was like that one time she was in the country’s worst city.

“I felt like I was at a train station in that city that’s just managed to overtake Canberra as the country’s most sterile built up area,” said the woman named Elyse Melton.

“Thank the lord it only get’s Sydney bad when there’s a suspected terror attack.”

“They do only have themselves to blame though. They constantly allow their government to neglect vital infrastructure and then pretend that nothing can be done about it.”

Another Melbournian said that she was happy to wait and experience a NSW trip, and understood why her commute was appallingly slow.

“I was at Flagstaff station when it happened and it was frightening, so I’m glad it was just a scare,” she said.

“I hadn’t been that scared since I walked into my local cafe and they told me they were out of everything but cows milk.”


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