While things continue to trend up in Melbourne, residents have called for urgent change.

With only 16 new cases today, there are hopes that Stage 4 can be lifted in the near future, and plenty are feeling like the end could be in sight.

Although there are hopes the lockdown will be lifted, younger female residents have demanded that tech giants rise to the occasion and sort them out with some more filters – until they are formally lifted.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning, one Fitzroy resident Jodie Lee explained that the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, and Tik Tok need to lift for the people of Melbourne.

“I literally can’t even,” explained Lee.

“The number of different filters provided are grossly inadequate for someone who is cooped up inside every day.”

“I ran through them all pretty comfortably in a fortnight, so it’s just not good enough.”

“So I’m asking the government to make them do something. I probably need to get News Corp on side though.”

“Then that should make them listen.”

“But anyway, this is a serious issue and we demand that these companies work up an urgent drop of cute filters.”


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