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Mel Gibson has been sacked from his latest project after being accused of anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments by acclaimed actress Wynona Ryder.

The American-born actor slash director slash producer was said to have asked Wynona if she was an ‘oven dodger’ and if he now had HIV after meeting one of her gay friends at a Hollywood party.

Never the less, Betoota Grove man Alistair John-Daniels (34) can’t see why anybody is surprised over this – as well as saying he didn’t think it was thay big of a deal.

Mr John-Daniels, who attended The Whooton School in Betoota Grove, said he’s heard far worse spoken by his school contemporaries over a long lunch.

“I mean, it is a crude way of asking somebody if they’re Jewish, I must admit,” he said.

“But come on, it’s not like we’re all learning something new about Big Mel. He’s a man’s man. He’s one of the fucken boys. This is just how young blokes like me talk to each other,”

“Plus, it was back in the 90s when that type of chat was fucken classic on the mainstream. My boys and I go out to long lunches quarterly and the white wine flows like Snowy. If that’s the benchmark for getting cancelled then call me cancelled.”

Alistair’s mum then arrived at our offices to take him back to work.

More to come.


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