After a big couple years of catastrophic political gaffes, it seems that the Prime Minister’s decision to vocalise his Pentecostal Christian beliefs that he’s never tried to hide is by far the most offensive thing he’s ever done.

That’s according to the easily outraged Australian media – who seem to forget the same shit happening under the equally religious former PM Tony Abbott, former NSW Premier Mike Baird and the entire rock-chopping Labor Right.

Morrison has been ridiculed and berated by the noisy media elite for attending a Christian conference on the Gold Coast last week, and taking the stage to confess his belief that he and his wife have been called upon to do God’s work.

During the 20 minute speech Morrison spoke about online outrage threatening to steal the hope and courage of Australia’s young people calling it “absolutely corrosive”.

His comments have since been met with online outrage, as lilypad leftie journalists and Twitter identities somehow pitch this hardly newsworthy event as far worse than the time he was caught out advising colleagues to take advantage of the growing anti-Islam sentiment amongst suburban voters – just before that little white supremacist from Grafton murdered over fifty Muslims in that horrible Christchurch massacre that no one seems to talk about.

Or the time he decided to leave the country and hide with his family in Hawaii during the record-breaking bushfires. Or the time he simply refused to sack any of the Liberal Party staffers and politicians at the centre of highly publicised rape allegations.

Or the mere fact that he’s allowing his rich donor mates like Gerry Harvey to brazenly rort hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars with unethically acquired JobKeeper payments. Of the time he said slavery never existed in Australia.

Instead, it seems the last straw was Morrison standing in front of a crowd of his Christians and spinning that same ‘divine intervention’ rhetoric that most Australians have heard at least one of their grandparents say at some point in their life.

The manufactured outrage surrounding this particularly cringeworthy Christian conference look to simply be an example of opportunist journalists and commentators taking the chance to ridicule Morrison for something they can keep an arms-length from, unlike his islamophobia and billionaire protection rackets that their own employers have also been 100% complicit in.


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