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A French Quarter man who once upon a time laughed at those in our cosmopolitan desert community who feared the deadly coronavirus has now understood the gravity of the situation at hand.

Speak to The Advocate via Zoom, John Brown explained that he feels like a fool and wishes he took things more seriously when he had the chance to.

“I’m one of the lucky ones,” he said.

“I can work from home just as well as I can from the office. I have a stable job and I’ll still be getting paid no matter what. I’ve also got a year’s salary saved up just in case,”

“But just two weeks ago, I thought it was funny, this whole thing. I used to joke with friends, saying that if the pangolin kisses me, it kisses me. I’ll get the Hubei spicy lung and I’ll die. YOLO. But now, I actually think there’s a chance it’ll kill millions of people – including white, middle-class people like me and my friends. How could I have been so dumb?”

“I’m not coming out of lockdown until Christmas. I don’t care if they tell me it’s safe. I’ll get everything delivered, I don’t care.”

The news comes as the Diamantina Shire Council meets today to decide whether to blow up the three bridges into Betoota and shoot those who try to enter the Betoota Economic Zone by swimming across the Diamantina River.

Mayor Keith Carton told the media yesterday that he’s not taking any chances when it comes to protecting the good people of the Simpson Desert capital.

“This is going to get worse before it gets better,” he said.

“I won’t let us end up like Webjet or Rex, I will protect you,”

“Have no fear, Keith is here.”

More to come.


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