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Local man Richard Lexington has just broken the flow of conversation with his mates by trying to drop in lingo from another friendship group.

It’s understood that the foreign phrases went completely over the heads of everyone and instead of adding to the humour of the situation, they actually left everyone more confused.

“Hang on, what did you just say?” questioned Tim, one mate.

“Hunna iss iss?” replied Richard.

“Yes, precisely that. What the hell does that mean?”

“Oh it means I agree with you 100%,” said Richard.

“Well why didn’t you just say that?”

“Oh, haha, sorry, that’s what me and the boys from West Betoota say.”

“I forgot you guys don’t know our lingo.”

While it’s common for friendship groups to form their own slang, more often than not it only makes sense amongst the people who came up with it – much like a personal joke.

The Advocate caught up with Tim to see just how much of an impact this unfamiliar phrase had on their conversation.

“Well it just ruined it. We were having such great banter and then Dick decided to speak another language.”

“Like, is he trying to introduce it into our group?”

“I dunno, it just felt unnatural.”

More to come.


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