A North Queensland Rugby League player has put his street-smarts on full display this evening.

The married man, given demi-god status by virtue of his decorated Rugby League resume, was enjoying a few Saturday evening beers before finding himself landing at the Ville’s new hotspot, the Quarterdeck.

Following North Queensland journalistic protocol The Advocate has obviously refused to name the man, for fear of bringing bad press to the star, the club, and the game.

The unnamed half cut professional footballer told us he decided to swipe the phone up and flick aeroplane mode a short time after realising he was at the Deck.

The decision, a sure sign that the elite athlete isn’t taking part in his first rodeo, is believed to have been taken in order to clear his schedule ahead of tonight.

He told our reporters that he did at least message his wife and the mother of his 3 children letting her know he would be out for a while.

“Yeah, I just sent her a quick message to let her know my phone’s gonna die and that I’ll make sure I’m home at a reasonable time,” he said.

The Advocate can confirm the man’s phone was not going to die.

The Rugby League player refused to delve too much into the specifics of why he needed to pop his phone onto flight mode and be uncontactable.

“[Haha] Don’t need to go into that really do we. Just better off for all involved that I’m not really accountable down at the Deck,” he said ordering another Vodka Red Bull.

“Only Mt Stuart can judge me. And she wouldn’t anyway.”

More to come.




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