A local bachelor currently dating ten women has explained that he doesn’t have time for people who aren’t fully commited to being with him.

The likeable astrophysicist explained that despite the fact he has done plenty of tongue dancing with numerous women in the last few weeks, he simply ‘doesn’t have time to be fooled around.’

This comes after the man named Matt Agnew kicked contestant Rachel off this season of the Bachelor following revelations she may have been flirting with a producer behind the scenes.

One of the stars of this season’s Bachelor, Rachel has since claimed that she didn’t write a note to the producer she described as ‘Plan B’ and the whole thing was a bit of a beat-up.

Regardless of what may or may not have transpired, the Bachelor immediately asked the young woman to leave the show if she wasn’t willing to go all-in on a guy who was only going to choose one winner, or potentially not even choose one if last season is anything to go on.

“It’s not good enough, why would you come on this show 100% committed to someone you’ve never met, and falling in love with them for a 96% chance of having your heartbroken if you do,” the Bachelor said.

“It’s just sad.”

More to come.


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