A local man’s first workout of the year is about to enter ‘Beast Mode’, boosted by the thumping sounds of a DMX heavy gym playlist.

After spending most of the festive season laying horizontal on his parents couch, it’s understood former country boy turned city professional, Brent Hodges, decided to make a homecoming return to his favourite boxing gym, Betoota Lake’s ‘Kombat Republic’.

Setting foot into the old weights room, it’s believed the sounds of early 2000’s gangsta rap are about to inspire a gym session so intense, it’s likely to cause the now city based accountant a serious back injury.

“Fuck yeah Ruff Ryder’s Anthem?! I didn’t even know they could play this in public anymore,” Mr Hodges told The Advocate.

“Damn this takes me back!”

Featuring early millenia classics such as DMX’s “Where The Hood At” and G-Unit’s “Poppin’ Them Thangs”, it’s understood popular YouTube playlist ‘Old Skool Gym Rap Motiv8tion’ is encouraging Mr Hodges to work harder, better, faster and stronger than his usual 40 minute inner-city spin class.

Picking up a pair of rusty 38kg dumbbells that are far outside of his strength capacity, it’s predicted the chorus of Eminem and Nate Dogg’s 2002 classic ‘Til I Collapse’, is likely to force Mr Hodges to book a physio appointment in the near future.

After pumping out five press and curl supersets, Mr Hodges told The Advocate he’s now considering investing in some banned pre-workout supplements to kickstart his new years fitness regime. 

“My gym in the city charge me $14 for some celery cleanse smoothie bullshit, I think I might sack that off and buy some of that medically banned stuff instead.”

“That meat head fella in the squat rack has clearly been on the juice, surely he knows where I can get a few tubs of that Jack3d pre-workout.” 

“Remember the one they had to ban because it was so strong it could get Phar Lap’s dead heart started again.”

“Seriously that old stuff, it’s the good shit!”


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