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Spending close to a day’s wage on a round of draught Espresso Martinis fails to even register on Dale Peckham’s radar of a Saturday afternoon but ask him to spend big on a lamb roast on a Tuesday and he’ll balk at the cost.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning in the designated smoking area of the Rectory Building in Betoota’s fabled Old City District, the adult moron said he’s constantly shocked by how much food at the supermarket costs.

“Meat is out of control,” he said.

“Legs of lamb and beef roasts are like $40 these days. Who on God’s green Earth has that kind of money to spend on food!”

“Thanks but no thanks, looks like I’m a weekday herbivore from now on. Those crooks at Woolies and Coles should be held accountable for this type of thing! This type of price gouge!”

However, when our reporter asked him to go back through his credit card statement from the weekend, he failed to see anything wrong with it.

Peckham said that didn’t count because it came from his Splurge account, something he picked up from the Barefoot Investor book he got for Christmas.

“Yes, the closing balance is a bit grim but this account is like a yo-yo,” he said after our reporter pointed out that the bottom line of his splurge account was currently -$16453.45.

“But I’m saving up to go to Europe this winter. If my friends don’t go, I’ll just pour that cash into the splurge account. Everything will be fine as long as I ignore it.”

More to come.


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