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A local bridge and wharf carpenter who sliced open his finger on an oyster is today realising that his self-prescription of ‘she’ll be right’ has not been very effective. 

Bryan Metcalfe obtained the injury 6 days ago and since then the condition of his finger has only worsened. What began as a simple flesh wound has now developed into a gangrenous looking infection that oozes puss and might even require amputation, he explains. 

“Yeah, so me girlfriend actually made me go to the doctor after the bandaid came off my finger during the night and I smeared puss all over her sheets” 

“The doctor said it’s one of the worst infections he’d ever seen [haha]” 

“He reckons that if I came in next week I’d probably have to lose a finger”

When asked whether he intends to learn from this experience, Mr. Metcalfe didn’t seem to think so. 

“Haha nah she’ll be right, mate” 

“This kinda thing doesn’t happen that often.” 

Interviewing his girlfriend though, this exact kind of thing seems to happen all the time. 

“He’s hopeless! He’s got this fungal rash on his foot that he won’t get checked out, he’s got a mole that keeps growing, it’s probably cancerous — I just don’t know why he won’t take advantage of where modern medicine has got to” 

It still remains unclear why a lot of men just like Bryan insist on a ‘she’ll be right’ approach to serious issues — and with the threat of amputation not even scaring Bryan into gear, it’s an attitude that may never change. 

More to come. 


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