The 2019 Logie Awards were full of surprises last night at the Gold Coast’s Star Casino, with a long list of dark horse winners, and of course the controversy that comes with several hundred drunken celebrities.

Tom Gleeson took out the Gold Logie, an award he has openly made fun of in the past, and greatly cheapened during his acceptance speech.

To the great dismay of the Australian Federal Police, the ABC cleaned up last night in all with nominations and awards across all categories, proving that the public don’t actually want the public broadcaster to be privatised as much as the Liberal Government.

The only sure bet of the evening was Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis taking home the award for Most Popular Presenter, an expected win for the cult icon of daytime television.

However, as the evening wore on, and the rest of the industry began sloshing red wine and sledging each other about their divorces and redundancy packages, the Golden Greek Of Gardening was out the front of the venue inspecting the state of the Star Casino’s indoor plants.

“This isn’t good enough” spat Costa.

“These Echeverias are drowning! Who is responsible for this!?”

After half and hour of wading through the bureaucracy, Georgiadis found the right venue manager.

“Are these being looked after by gardeners or cleaners?” asked Costa.

“Look at the puffy stems!”

At time of press, Costa wrist deep in the gardens alongside the red carpet, guiding the venue staff through the perils of too much water on the roots of plants.


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