A young Republic of Sydney local has opened up to The Advocate this morning about the traumatic experience he went through last night.

The 28-year-old Sales and Marketing Consulting Representative, unfortunately, missed one of the greatest moments in NSW State of Origin History last night after the pub he was drinking in closed before the final siren.

As a result he missed James Tedesco break away down the sideline to crack the 20-20 deadlock with a minute left on the clock and NSW win the series 2-1 after the score finished 26-20 in the decider.

Speaking to us at the new cafe in the gentrified inner-city suburb he’s currently spending the majority of his pay renting in, Zac Johnston explained to us, that it will take him a long time to get over missing that moment.

The die-hard Rugby League fan, whose formative years were spent watching the Great 8 do a number on NSW, said he’s been waiting years to watch his team go back to back, and that was all taken away from him last night.

“When you live in the worst city in Australia, there aren’t that many moments of joy,” he sighed over his 10 dollar bacon and egg roll.

“And to miss something like that because of our appalling night time drinking laws hurts.”

“They called last drinks at half time. Then they started shuffling us out with 10 minutes to go in the match, and told us that if we didn’t leave they’d call the cops.”

“I know it’s not the publican’s fault, but fuck, for the rest of my life I’ll see that highlight and for the rest of my life it will annoy me.”

“Ah well, at least our state with a far greater talent pool, resource pool and population finally got a back to back series win.”


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