A local woman has patiently waited the shortest amount of time acceptable for her bestie to finish telling her pivotal life-changing story before launching into a similar tale of woe, it’s reported.

To the untrained eye, it may look like Melissa Davies is commiserating with her friend Bec by speaking about a time that she too, experienced a similar situation.

But in reality, Melissa was a little too eager to steer the conversation so that it focussed on her again, instead of consoling her obviously grief stricken mate.

“I’m so sorry about your grandad”, says Melissa, as she absentmindedly pats Becs hand, “I imagine it was quite a shock.”

Adding that she too, understands how it feels to lose the last shred of childhood innocence after being confronted with mortality for the first time,  Melissa quickly moves onto her feelings on the transience of life.

“I remember how horrible it felt putting my dog down, so I feel your pain.”

“I’ve had Max ever since I was a little girl. He’s been by my side for so many pivotal points of my life, you know?”

“I knew he was getting old but it happened so suddenly. Like one day he was walking fine and the next he just couldn’t get up?

“I think a part of me stupidly thought he’d just live forever.  I wasn’t ready for him to go so soon.”

As tears well up in her eyes, Melissa beckons for one of the tissues Bec is clasping in her soggy, tear-stained fingers.

“Life’s so unfair”

“What a shit day.”

More to come.


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