If you were to look at Tegan Reynolds bedroom, you’d never have thought the clean and organised twenty-three year old had trouble throwing useless things out.

Or that she severely doubted her technological abilities to the point where it ventured into Luddite territory.

But that’s the only thing that can be gleaned from finding out the contents of one of her drawers – a couple of pens, a slinky and four iPhone boxes filled to the brim with information pamphlets and all sorts of other random shit.

You’d think after years of owning multiple iPhones that Tegan would have some confidence in her ability to figure out any tech problems, or at least the foresight to know what Googling answers are a far easier solution.

Deep down, Tegan is aware of this but she just can’t quite shake the feeling that she’ll need it one day, whether it’s to repurpose it somehow or in case she ever plans on selling her iPhone –  which she’ll never do anyway, because it involves way too much effort.

More to come.


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