In some genuinely shocking news, Pauline Hanson has made some stupid sweeping statements in an effort to get a bit of attention for her struggling excuse for a political party.

The One Nation leader appeared on breakfast television this morning to criticize the locked up housing commission residents for not speaking English and being ‘drug addicts.’

The high profile welfare bludger, who milks the taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year without contributing anything to society other than saying baseless inflammatory shit that get’s spread by shared accounts on Facebook, said today, that’s she’s ‘just saying what everyone’s thinking.’

“The fact is that we’re sick and tired of people bleeding bloody hearts out there,” she said on TV this morning, demonstrating the fact she actually has a worse command of the English language, than many who speak it as a second language.

Her attention-seeking comments follow the trend of rightwing Queenslanders like Peter Dutton and Clive Palmer sticking their nose into Victoria’s business to try and get a few headlines.

“These people need to go out there and get a job and follow the rules,” continued the Senator who’s done nothing but leech of the tax-payer for the last few decades.


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