Local truckie, Bill Kirkpatrick is stoked that Christmas is only three, maybe four, sleeps away.

“If that…” he reckons.

“Maybe just two. We’ll see how we go”

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate this morning through clenched, gurning teeth, Bill says he’s excited to get away to Port Macquarie with the missus over the Summer break.

“It’s gonna be a good chance to switch off,” he said, while erratically adjusting his side mirror.

“I’ve just gotta get these next three loads in on time. I’ve got Adelaide, Broome, Darwin, Townsville and then it’s down to Wollongong”

“Without trucks, Australia stops”

“Actually I’m gonna have to get to Mt Gambier at some point too”

“Oh well. She’s not long now,”

The interview then ended abruptly as a wide-eyed Mr Kirkpatrick checked his load and realised he’d driven halfway from Mount Isa to Adelaide without a trailer.

“Ahhh shit” he says.

“Gotta go”


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