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A Betoota Heights man who dreams of one day being referred to as a Betoota Grove man, spoke briefly to our reporter over the weekend about his burning desire to get into the Members Stand of the Royal Betoota Cricket Ground.

Even if doing so forces Damien Rice to pay the ultimate price.

The 34-year-old has been on the Member’s waiting list for the past six years, he says, which means he’s roughly one-third of the way through the queue before he’s offered to join.

And when that day comes, the successful small businessman will have to pay a joining fee rumoured to be over $10 000 and after that, an annual fee of roughly $2000 according to insiders.

“A small price to pay,” he said as he sat next to our reporter in Bay 34 on Saturday afternoon.

Both Rice and our reporter were at the ground to watch the National Rugby Championship trial match between Queensland Country and Sri Lanka over the weekend.

“That’s where I belong. Over there in the Members Stand. That’s where all the movers and shakers around town are – and their weak-chinned man-boobed sons who’ve never let go of their coat tails,”

“I’ve been successful, I’ve become one of them. There’s just one small piece of the puzzle missing. Just look at them, Errol. Backs turned to the action. They don’t care about the game. Drinking full-strength beer out of a glass. Making deals, making connections. I can see them networking from here. Fuck. I need to be in there, man.”

Our reporter nodded then decided to leave before the crowds all started on their way home as Sri Lanka scored their sixteenth try of the afternoon.

More to come.


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