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They say brilliance recognises itself in other people, or something like that. Well, that much is definitely true today as Dwight Smith watches on in envy at the local Yum Cha trolley lady, Ling Xi, expertly selling customers dishes they don’t need.

“Can you believe what we’re seeing? It’s… beautiful” Dwight told our reporter over some Peking duck pancakes and combination dumplings at Betoota’s most popular Yum Cha restaurant, Golden Emerald.  

Yum Cha trolley ladies are notoriously pushy sales people.

But for Dwight the second-hand car salesman, they’re Jesus. 

“This is as close to perfection that you can get” 

“Look at the way she convinced that family that they wanted chicken feet – they think it’s their idea!” 

“Bloody brilliant!” Dwight added through a mouthful of fried crab dumplings. 

According to Golden Emerald’s owner, Ling is one of their best trolley ladies.

“She holds the world record for the most dishes ever sold in one setting, she sold 312 individual dishes”

It’s believed Dwight has approached the restaurant’s owner for permission to get some sales lessons off Ling.

More to come.


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