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A French Quarter real estate agent has miraculously sold a lakeside mansion in Betoota Grove this week without having a drone shot in his promo video for the property.

Henry-James Sydepart, one of the principals at Sydepart Wristwatch & Loafer Realty on Rue de Branlette, said he was even shocked himself at the sale.

He sold the property before auction to a discerning local investor, he says, who didn’t even watch at the video of the property he put together before making the commitment to purchase.

“When I was filming the promo for 12 Remienko Drive, I went to do the drone shot at the end and lo-and-behold, the batteries were flat in it,” he said.

“And I was too busy for the rest of the week to come all the way across town to film a drone shot later that week. I had to make do,”

“When our buyer first contacted us at Sydepart Wristwatch & Loafer, I urged him to not make any firm commitments until he saw the drone shots of the property. He asked if it was OK for his building inspector to come have a look. We arranged that and half an hour after that, the buyer called us and said he’d like to make an offer!”

“If only it was this easy all the time. For a moment, it felt like I was down in Sydney playing in the big leagues. Exciting stuff. Hey mate, take my card just in case you think about selling or what to upsize in the future. I’ll do you a cracking deal.”

Our reporter took his card.

More to come.


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