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A hat belonging to a local pilot, who’s been working in the French Quarter Coles bakery now for almost a year, is once again looking pretty fucken silly after yet another Boeing suffers a major mechanical fault.

Thankfully, this most recent incident in Colorado resulted in the pilots making it back safely to the ground but in others, the result hasn’t been so cheery.

“Yeah, that was a bad one,” said Captain John Coleman, who until this city virus ruined everything flew cargo aircraft, including a 747-100, for local logistics company Diamantina Air Freight.

“Pretty bad optics for the bird. A Triple 7 is a big bus, too. Could’ve been bad but you have to remember, it was the engine and not the airframe. But yeah, bravo zulu to the flight crew. That would’ve been tough. Oh well, she’ll be queen of the hanger for a while but that plane will fly again,”

“Oh yeah, about the hat. No, I still think Boeing makes the best planes in the world. Feels like your flying one, those Airbus have a keyboard and the stick’s to the side like [redacted by legal] or something like that! [laughs] No, I hope to be flying again soon,”

“I’ve had a fucken gutful of making bread and biscuits. It’s a mug’s game.”

The Boeing 737 MAX was pulled out of the skies in 2019 after it was revealed that it flew itself into the ground due to a programming fault during production.

It’s now back flying in some parts of the world.

“Just like your phone, mate. Sometimes you just need to update it to stop the thing from crashing all the time.”

More to come.


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