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Life is never what is seems to local millennial Craig Taylor (26) who can only consistently rely on the uncertainty of not knowing whether his stoic grandfather Patrick Taylor (71) wants a handshake or a hug.

Enjoying a healthy male relative relationship consisting of sporadic sport opinions and Monty Python references, Craig would describe the relationship with his pop as ‘technically healthy’ even if they do an awkward handshake/hug jumble every time they greet one another.

“He’s from a generation that doesn’t hug but he is my pop,” stated young Taylor.

“I don’t think he likes to hug but I don’t really know what he likes apart from XXXX. I think he mentioned Slim Dusty once?”

Young Taylor believes it is the affectionate gap between him and his grandpa can be put down to toxic masculinity, likely caused by how by the time his pop was his age he had already traveled war torn Vietnam shooting at bodies to confirm that they were definitely dead.

“I just wish he could open up a bit.”

Patrick Taylor states he is proud of his eldest grandson even though he is not very good at cricket.

“He’s meant to be good at his job, whatever that is, some computer thing,” stated Taylor senior.”

“I never know if he wants to give his old pop a hug or just shake my hand because he’s too embarrassed. Anyway, I’ve got to go. Gardening Australia is on.”


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