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A Betoota Heights 12-year-old has shocked those in his direct company today by not acting like an attention-seeking little shit around them – despite being the middle of three children.

Blake Jayden says he feels comfortable with the current level of relevance he has within his family unit, telling reporters this afternoon that he’s happy living a life where he’s largely invisible to those around him.

“My older brother has been getting into the fried rice down in Betoota Ponds and the cops have brought him home a few times. Mum and Dad have picked him up from the hospital a couple times, too,” he said.

“And my younger brother is going through a phase where he loves throwing rocks at buses down at the Holland Road bus-way. Plus he’s as dumb as a box of rocks, in case you hadn’t already picked up on that. Whereas I don’t do anything to upset the police or my parents, so I kind of get ignored.”

Naturally in this situation – and especially because young Blake is a Gemini – it’s expected that he go out of his way to seek attention from those around him now that he’s being ignored.

However, according to one prominent local child psychologist, not every middle child is an attention seeker.

But The Advocate has chosen not to publish the comments made by that psychologist because he’s the youngest of his siblings and thinks he’s always right.

More to come.


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