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A Betoota Heights business manager has tried to avoid a costly trip to the sickly south for weeks but it soon became an impossibility after a recent resignation within the company.

Mark Dollarhyde touched down in Melbourne this morning amid the fallout from his Victorian counterpart’s sudden decision to be unemployed from home.

His company, Soggi Sao Construction, has projects all over the country and Mark is among their most trusted employees – so he drew the short straw and packed his bags for the cold country.

He spoke to The Advocate briefly via ham radio as most of the telecommunications networks in Victoria have collapsed due to the second-wave virus outbreak.

“There’s not much going on down here,” he said.

“People are coughing on each other. People are calling me a flog. Club footballers are panic buying black bodypaint for their Mad Monday celebrations just in case,”

“Thank God the good people at Diamantina Air Freight, who flew me down here kindly, let me carry my M4. I’ve seen UnderBelly, this place is fucked at the best of times,”

“Anyway, I’m about to make a final push into the CBD from Essendon Airport. I’m told I have to get there before sundown. Wish me luck.”

More to come.


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