For local punter, Benji Oxley, this weeks marks the start of the most difficult couple months of the year for a betting enthusiast.

“Oooooh!” he says.

“Kings verse Breakers. This is a tough one”

No, he’s not talking about some obscure type of American sport that Australian men often pretend to like, he’s talking about our very own National Basketball League.

That weird little lull between the AFL and NRL grand final weekend and the Spring horse racing Carnival has resulted millions of punters around the country having to do the same as Benji, and begin researching stats and predictions for some of Australia’s least popular sports.

“I felt like I could at least back the Socceroos to take out that war-torn mob from Siberia” he says.

“But jeez the A-league is looking tough. They’ve lost a lot of players to fake injuries”

Mr Oxley says while he rides out the next six or so weeks on bizarre 3rd and 4th tier sporting codes, he’s also getting pretty interesting in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championships.

“Galway might pip Kilkenny again this year”

“It’s really heating up”




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