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A local couple have confirmed that the secret to their strong relationship is their constant ‘bids for connection’, which involve primarily pointing out whenever their cat is doing something cute.

Coined by Dr. John Gottman, a bid for connection is key to maintaining a positive relationship, and involves any attempt from one partner to another for attention, affirmation, affection, or any other positive connection – which in Tegan Clarkson and Dean Hynes case, is their shared adoration for their feline, Boots.

Averaging a few times a week, at least one of the pair can be heard ushering the other to ‘come take a look’ at Boots sleeping in an adorable way (but quietly so they don’t wake him up!) or showing each other yet another photo they’ve snapped of him – to the point where Tegan’s cloud storage has reached its limit, and she has to start deleting apps instead.

So far, their united love of Boots has ensured the couple continue to marvel in joy of looking after something cute and small, with less shit and responsibility that comes with a child.

More to come.


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