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An outspoken local jetski has been angered this Friday morning because today marks the International Women’s Day around the globe.

The late model Honda R-12X from Betoota Heights took to social media to explain just what irked him about this Friday the 8th of March and women in general:

Probably going to get a call from the PC Police here, but INternational Womans Day is a joke….. When’s international mens day? Today is an example of the current plague of reverse sexism, where gender equality actually means sexism to men. Why don’t we talk about men who die at the hand of women and the bias of the Family Court…..

– The 4-year-old Honda R-12X

In the hours and minutes after the comically unpopular personal water craft posted his message to the world, it has failed to garner a single interact besides his brother in law asking to call him.

The Advocate spoke briefly to the red and white fun machine via telephone shortly after 9 this morning to gain some insight into the angered machine.

From all accounts, the Honda’s message about today was one of equality.

“Imagine if there was an International Men’s Day? There’d be protests in the streets!”

This year, International Men’s Day is Tuesday the 19th of November.

“And other thing!” it said before the line went dead.

After some mildly frantic inquiries, our reporter discovered that the Honda had run out of two-stroke oil and had blown a piston ring.

More to come.


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