A local Betoota Heights man is today grappling with the shame he has brought upon his family.

The 28-year-old man from our town’s aspirational district caused jeers and boos at the Lord Kidman Hotel a short time ago, after embarrassing himself in the two up ring.

The man who requested anonymity for obvious reasons, reportedly set foot in the ring to take the mantle of spinner – something he claims he’d never done before.

In the time honoured game that is technically illegal around most parts of the country outside of April 25, the spinner takes the kip in the middle of the ring and flips the two coins.

However, the kip flip is not something which everyone can do apparently, with young man managing four foul throws in a row.

After sending the first two into space, the part time punter then barely flipped the coins in his remaining attempts, causing the ring master to call time and get him out of the ring.

“I had to go to the bathroom to get away from it,” said one embarrassed friend a short time ago.

“It was too much.”

The foul thrower in question was unavailable for comment.

No more to come.


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