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If the police want to stop French Quarter man Damien Steep from pirating game of thrones, they’ll have to come round his place and shoot him.

That’s what the 25-year-old told our reporters this morning, just hours after he admitted to pirating the latest episode of Game of Thrones, a largely overrated rip-off of Lord of the Rings and other assorted texts of that genre.

The Advocate asked him why he didn’t simply subscribe to Foxtel, a pay-television service with as much value and substance as a wet packet of Marlboro lights.

And what he told our reporter will send a chill down your spine.

“I’d rather go out like Oberyn Martell than give NewsCorp any of my money,” he said.

“Foxtel is why we don’t have a viable NBN service – because Malcolm Turnbull sold out on his principals to Rupert Murdoch so he could be Prime Minister for a couple years,”

“So I pirate it. While I feel bad for the studios and the actors who miss out on getting paid for their hard work and diligence but that’s honestly outweighed by my deep-seeded loathing for Foxtel and NewsCorp on the whole,”

“Any cop reading this, come over to my house and push my eyes back into my brain until I die, if you want. I won’t stop pirating Game of Thrones. I don’t give a shit. You’ll have to shoot me, you bootlicking pig fucks.”

The Advocate reached out to Foxtel for comment but were told we’d have to pay for it if we wanted one.

More to come.


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