A local geography teacher is strutting home from school with a skip in his step, after discovering that his choice of footwear is back in fashion.

After 15 years of staying faithful to his favourite set of sandshoes, an elephant grey pair of New Balance 990’s, South Betoota High School teacher Dennis Jamsley (38) is reportedly thrilled to see some seriously trendy people mimic his choice of footwear.

Boasting a premium pigskin upper and thick midsole cushioning, Dennis told The Advocate that his incredibly wide feet and excessive overpronation meant New Balance 990’s offered the stability needed for a long day pounding the schoolyard.

“I’ve always been a New Balance guy, these babies have never faulted,” Dennis told our reporter.

“Sure they’re a bit expensive but I only have to buy a new pair every four years, they last so much longer than Nikes!”

Grinning from ear to ear as he untangled his corded headphones, Dennis is believed to be particularly chipper after an encounter in the staff room with the new substitute Art teacher, Nathaniel Worthington (26).

Spotting the grey shoes on Nathaniel’s far more attractive feet, Dennis was reportedly shocked to learn that 990’s are officially cool again, and loved by hipsters and Brunswick musicians alike.

“All the girls have been swooning over Nathaniel, he’s the hottest new property at school,” conceded Dennis.

“And guess what, he wears the same shoes as me, how rad is that!”

Witnessing Nathaniel style his New Balance sneakers a little differently, by flaunting a moss green chino and and a funky hem roll, Dennis told The Advocate he might need to go shopping to update the rest of his wardrobe.

“It might be time to ditch my cargo pants, I don’t see many people get around in them these days.”

“Do you think these New Balance will go well with my old pair of stonewash blue Levis?”

More to come.


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