There was once a time where local primary producer, Brangus Jennings (58) took great pleasure in imparting his political wisdom on anyone would listen, and even those who wouldn’t.

As a Queensland farmer hamstrung by nanny-state vegetation laws and the constantly changing goal posts of Australian knee-jerk bureaucracy, Jennings needed the rest of the world to know about his confidence in a Morrison-Joyce led Coalition government.

And after they were voted out, he felt the need to continue waving the flag by letting everyone know how much of a mistake the Australian public had made with Albo and these Teals.

“I couldn’t believe it” he says.

“I only watch the ABC for Landline and Backroads. So who knows what kind of propaganda they were feeding the voters”

As a fourth generation farmer and father of five living an isolated existence in the often-ignored Australian bush, Jennings feels he may be slightly more in-tune with politics than the average suburban voter – mostly due to his reliance on government processes.

“I still remember the overnight ban on live export” he says.

“Not to mention the 3 years they spent wedging us with marriage equality at the height of a record-breaking drought”

But aside from his needs as an agricultural exporter, he also subscribes to an old fashioned brand of rural conservatism.

And a natural pot-stirrer, Big Jenno says he used to take great pleasure in educating Labor-curious family members and hippy townies in why they are so wrong.

But that’s all changed. Ever since his niece gifted him a certain book. One that he wishes he never opened.

“Bulldozed” he sighs.

“Have you read that shit? Fuck me I don’t know what newspapers I was reading for the last ten years but that Morrison might just be one the biggest morons I’ve ever had the joy of subsidising”

“Here I was thinking he was just a dopey Howard type. Turns out he’s just a happy clapping kamikaze”

Written by former Liberal staffer, Nikki Savva, ‘Bulldozed is described as a gripping inside story of how Scott Morrison went from miracle man to roadkill, as a fatally flawed leader who trashed his government out of spite.

The facts are hard for Jenno, but he’s not alone. Thousands of conservative voters around Australia say they have now been enlightened to the incompetence of the Liberal Party’s Hillsong faction, after receiving a digestible and thorough record of events under the Christmas tree in December.

“I’m in the wilderness right now.” says Jenno.

“How the fuck did Morrison fuck it up so badly that he’s got blokes at the saleyards talking about how good of a job Penny Wong is doing”


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