Sipping from a cup of blistering hot coffee, local dad Steven Myers peers out his window and mentally maps out his plans for the yard.

To anyone watching, it would appear as though Steven is deeply lost in thought, pondering the futile existence of life. But in reality, he’s not 100% sure how he feels about the placement of his agapanthus bush.

Steven likes to think he’s a handyman, as evident whenever he has a builder or plumber come around, but his handy prowess has so far never exceeded anything further than laying down mulch. 

However, this hasn’t stopped him talking up a big game to whoever is unfortunate enough to be in his radius. 

“Might put a pavement over there”, says Steven to his youngest Liam, who’d popped into the kitchen for a vegemite Sao, “what do you reckon, you and me big guy?”

“I think some Hydrangea bushes would look nice in the corner, I know your mother likes them.”

Giving his father a nod to show that he’s at least humouring him, Liam fucks off out of the kitchen while his father continues his muses out loud.

“Yeah, might have to clean out the garage first. I’ll do that next week.”

“A pool would be nice.”

More to come.


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