Our very own Betoota Heights District has today played host to a groundbreaking discovery. 

A job site on the edge of the suburb has apparently seen a major breakfast theory disproven, in what is being hailed as a landmark finding for humankind.  

Trailblazers, Brett Harley and Robbie Tupou, both smashed a freezing cold Bon, flipping the concept of breakfast as we know it on its head. 

Sitting down for a quick snack as the office working drones rolled into start their days, Harley and Tupou reportedly wowed the crowd with their ability to pump a Maxibon before 9:00am in the morning. 

“Perfect start to the day,” laughed Harley today, ploughing through the convenience store delicacy. 

“I’m not really sure what the big deal is to be honest, but we are happy to front up and say that you can definitely smash a Bon, anytime, anywhere…brekkie, lunch or dinner.”

He’s mate then chimed in to explain the drive behind the quest to disprove the hypothesis. 

“Mate, you can’t go past the local Sleven and the brand new Maxibon Waffle On,” explained Tupou. 

“Waffle On my bro!”

“Tuesday mornings don’t get any better than that,” he laughed. 

“Who says breakfast has to be in the morning anyway,” laughed Tupou. 

The blokes then explained that local weather conditions also don’t dictate when you can and can’t plough into your fave icy snack. 

“Middle of winter, no problems,” said Harley. “Get around it”


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