When local bloke Ethan Mochrie is around his mates, you can expect a lot of lad behaviour.

As the evident alpha male of his friendship group, Ethan can be regularly seen operating at max volume and pushing his weight around by mocking the lowest mate on the pecking order.

If you’d have met him in public, you’d never have thought such a brass bloke could be such a softie – especially considering his propensity for blowing snot rockets when drunk.

But when it comes to behind closed doors and away from the judgemental eyes of his mates, Ethan is a big softie.

In fact, he loves nothing more than cuddling up to his girlfriend, Steph, or ‘snuggle wuggles’ as he calls it.

Had his mates had any clue of this secret side to Ethan, he’d no doubt be absolutely obliterated, which is completely deserved, seeing as he’s built up a friendship culture that strikes at any hint of weakness.

Ruthless by day, and teddy bear by night, a secret source tells The Advocate that Ethan often lays his head in his girlfriend’s lap like a cat, speaking in a baby voice while his hair is stroked and his nose is pecked with little kisses.

More to come.


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