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A Betoota Heights mother-of-three has taken to social media this afternoon to urge the rest of our town to do their own research into infant carseats and capsules.

Butter Hibiscus, a civil engineer specialising in concrete during the day and a ‘mummy blogger’ by night, said that she’s exercising her right as a mother not to let her young children ride in a ‘government approved’ seating device in her car because the research the 29-year-old has done on her own time suggests they may to more harm than good.

The Advocate sat down with Ms Hibiscus and her parter, Banjo Clemente, this afternoon to chat about the dangers associated with using car booster seats and baby capsules.

“Baby capsules can cause scoliosis and diabetes,” said Banjo.

“Because it compresses the baby, putting pressure on the pancreas and the spin.”

Butter nodded.

“Child seats were designed by the Chinese government to keep our children shorter so when the war comes, they will be the same height as most of the Chinese soliders,” she said.

“You think I’m crazy, don’t you?”

Our reporter shook his head.

“We’ve done our own research into this, it’s published on our website,” Banjo interjected.

“You don’t believe us, do you? God, I bet you put your baby in a carseat, don’t you? Fool.”

Our reporter then asked to use the loo, where he took the opportunity to climb out the window and run gingerly down the hill back to the office, leaving a lukewarm cup of apricot tea on the kitchen table.

More to come.


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