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After setting a 2 AM alarm for the first time in years, a local 43-year-old gentleman watched the greatest golfer of all time win his fifth Masters title in Augusta overnight.

Witnessing Tiger Woods, a 43-year-old man, complete such an epic comeback has inspired a local 43-year-old to begin a comeback of his own.

Glenn Douglas ratted through the storage space above his Betoota Heights display home garage in the early hours of the morning on a quest to find the golf clubs he put up there in 2003.

Because, he says, tonight he’s heading to the driving range to see if he’s still got his own Masters title left in him.

He spoke briefly to The Advocate this morning outside the Royal Betoota Country Club pro shop, where our reporter was also picking up a few supplies for his own evening planned at the driving range.

“I’m probably going to slice everything,” he laughed.

“No that’s no joke. I haven’t swung a Ping in anger since we illegally invaded Iraq. Tell you what though, I’ll but cutting under a few, too. They’ll be coming down on the 100m marker like a JDAMs falling on a Baghdad hospital, I tell you what,”

“Watching Tiger [Woods] win last night means I can no longer say I’m too old for it now. If Tiger can still win a green jacket, I can still hit 23 over par down the Country Club.”

More to come.


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