A couple of Sydney residents have had their pains eased this afternoon.

Despite suffering through a lifetime of financial misery because they were born in the developer’s daydream of Sydney, a couple of locals have realised that things aren’t so bad today.

This comes after they decided to go down and enjoy a couple of cold beers at the popular establishment that is Opera Bar.

Based on the steps of the iconic and world-famous billboard, the bar decided to treat the longtime suffering residents of the harbour city to some $11 schooners of some supposedly fancy beers.

One of the residents Ben White spoke to us about enjoying a cold beer down in the beautiful Circular Quay.

“How good aye,” said White.

“I’m still renting at the age of 32, and have only paid off my latest credit card debt because of the disgustingly overpriced nature of everything in this city, but it doesn’t matter now.”

“Because, how good’s this,” he asked sipping his third $11 schooner.

White explained that although he will probably never own a home in a suburb he actually wants to live in because his parents don’t own multiple properties in high net-worth areas, things aren’t so bad.

“I don’t know why the rest of the country hates this place,” he laughed.

“Look how beautiful this city is.”

“Shit, what time is it actually? We’ve probably got to get out off here soon before everything closes and we have to pay for an Uber surging off the charts.”

The residents finished their beers and scuttled off.




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