Opposition leader Peter Dutton’s popularity with both the general public and his own Liberal Party has continuing to plummet lower than anyone could have ever imagined.

Not even year a since he replaced Scott Morrison as his party’s leader in the wake of the 2022 federal election bloodbath, and it seems approval ratings for Opposition Leader Peter Dutton have continued to soar directly downwards.

This comes after the Liberals made the highly calculated and very clever decision to reject the proposed Indigenous Voice, a constitutionally recognised advisory body aimed at helping both the government and public service in their efforts to improve the life expectancy and living standards of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The latest Resolve Strategic poll, published by the Nine newspapers, showed Mr Dutton’s personal approval rating fall from minus 11 to minus 28, a record-breaking low that would almost be comical if it didn’t mean Australia is now effectively a one-party system like China.

With the once refreshing and ambitious ‘next generation of the Liberal Party’ now working for the banks and high-end law firms after getting smashed at the May election by Independents and nameless Labor candidates – it seems Dutton must continue to negotiating with the dregs he’s been left with as leader.

And the last remnants of a once power political machine would rather stay in opposition until the sun burns out before they give the Aboriginals a thing.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate today, Peter Dutton says the number one concern with the Indigenous Voice is that they cannot guarantee it will do it’s job.

“What, if, say. We look back at this thing in two years and learn the Indigenous Voice has spent nearly 300 days in Manila… and not on the ground in Canberra like we expect” said Dutton.

“The Liberal Party is thinking about the results here, and the cost. We cannot risk having a government that is dependent on the decisions of a political figures who aren’t even in the country”

“We would never allow it”


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