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The Federal Liberals are in damage control this evening after their vice president when on Q&A last night and ‘shit the bed’, as one senior Minister describes it.

Teena McQueen, a member of the hard-right Liberal faction that has arguably torn the nation apart in recent years, agreed to go on the ABC’s left-wing love-in late last week, thinking she’d have the opportunity to outline where her party sits ahead of the May election.

However, it did not go to plan.

In response to the tractor fire of an appearance, senior Liberals are planning to cram McQueen into a bubble and push her out into the Tasman sea with a good westerly behind her.

Speaking anonymously to The Advocate today via encrypted end-to-end drug procurement platform, Wickr, the senior Liberal said these months leading into the election are critical and they can’t risk McQueen opening her mouth again.

“It’s about survival,” they said.

“The simple fact of the matter is most Australians are either centre left or centre-right. They either want things to stay the same or for things to get better for them. That’s it,”

“What Teena and her far-right represents in Australia is a small minority. While the Liberals are ‘a broad church’, it can’t be seen to be that broad. Teena is going in the bubble whether she likes it or not.”

The Advocate reached out to the Liberal Party executive for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

A spokesman for the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said that he was impressed the bedshit and is looking forward to inspecting many soiled mattresses in the coming weeks.

More to come.


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