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The day after lowering interest rates to kick start the economy and help the nation’s underclass buy their first home, Liberal Party leaders ScoMo and JosFryd have announced this morning that much of the discontent young people have with their Party should be focused on the real enemy – the boomers.

In Canberra today, both men took time out of their busy mornings of talking on the phone and to their staff about things to speak to the media about their controversial statements.

“I think the young people of Australia need to understand that the Liberal Party has their best interests at heart,” said Scott.

Josh nodded.

“Yeah, I know Millennial think we’re evil but we’re really not. Baby Boomers are evil. They’re the ones who are stealing your wealth, not our tax policy.”

Scott laughed.

“I’m surprised there hasn’t been some sort of uprising against the boomers. Just goes to show how lazy and complacent the youth is today. They’re protesting the Reef dying and blah blah blah but when it comes to wealth equality and our regressive tax system, they just shrug their shoulders,”

“I could go back to Engadine Maccas tomorrow, lie down in the disabled toilet and shit my britches until Four Corners shows up and I’d still get elected.”

Josh slapped Scott on the back and laughed as well.

“Go on, Scott! Tell them the boomers are the reason why they can’t afford a home!”

“It’s the boomers fault!”

They both laughed an walked out of the press conference hand-in-hand.

More to come.


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