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A city worker who last week was a self-described ‘overly-polite square’ has made the seamless transition to a fully-fledged circle over the weekend after taking a few psilocybin mushrooms on a canoe trip.

French Quarter 26-year-old, Chive Bergamot, who does something in town with a computer every weekday in return for money which she uses to pay bills, told our reporter that while she was initially apprehensive about taking the banned substance – she’s glad she did in the end.

It was the first time the charmingly-bossy Capricorn took magic mushrooms and while she was in the midst of the hyper-animated, lush experience, she turned to her canoeing partner in the back and said:

“God, we should do mushrooms every weekend!”

Chive and five other friends hired three canoes on Saturday from the Davenport Downs Water Park and planned to raft down the Diamantina to the nearby Durrie Station Harbour.

It was supposed to be an opportunity to leave behind the hustle and bustle of life in our vibrant, cosmopolitan desert community. A chance to shrug off the many pressures of the world and reconnect with the planet.

However, every person on the canoe trip took this rare opportunity to get out into nature as an opportunity to take mind-bending drugs.

Nevertheless, when Chive turned to her canoe partner, Tarragon Holmes, and said they should be doing this every weekend, young Tarragon could only giggle and say ‘yeah’.

But now that they’re all back on earth in their office cubicles, that statement has been dismissed by Chive, who said she was simply ‘caught up in the moment’.

“I don’t want to do that every weekend,” she said.

“That would become quite inconvenient. Imagine having some in the morning then going to see Nan for lunch or something. It’d be the end of me, it would. God,”

“But I have a good time, none the less. I’d do them again for sure. Just maybe once or twice a year. I don’t want to get addicted.”

More to come.


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