In what is now being referred to as j-gate, a paisley shirt owner accidentally leaked their plans to criticise whatever song ends up being number one on the triple j Hottest 100.

A national tradition for almost 30 years, the Hottest 100 is said to be the world’s largest musical democracy and the number 2 cause of arguments on Australia Day with number 1 being the date itself.

In 2018, the Hottest 100 has moved away from Australia Day to avoid association with the invasion of Australia but it appears controversy will continue to be part of the countdown’s narrative.

As the countdown neared the kick off at a friendly BBQ in Betoota’s French Quarter, paisley shirt owner Taran Black (32) accidentally dropped his Field Notes notebook which was discovered by a curious partygoer who upon reading the notebook identified Black’s plan to sledge whatever song comes in at number 1.

“It included a list of the songs he thought would win and points of criticism he had for each as well as reasons why they should have won in case they end up as number two,” stated the anonymous whistleblower.

“He’d written that if Tones and I comes in at number 2 it’s insulting to women but if it comes in as number 1 it’s insulting to music.”

“What an absolute fuck around.”

According to friends of Black, this is typical Hottest 100 behaviour for him stating he only stopped playing the opening riff to Wonderwall every chance he got when Oasis topped the best of the last 20 years countdown.


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