Eyebrows are being raised in a demountable classroom at West Betoota Primary this morning as a local kindergarten teacher gets the first look at her new cohort of kids.

Running her eyes over the list of new students who are about to begin their journey through primary school, local teacher Mrs Wendy Clarkson is once again bemused by the creative new names that have obviously been cooked up in birthing wards around the Diamantina.

A teacher with over 15 years experience working in both the public and catholic school system, Mrs Clarkson admitted that this time of year always comes with a few surprises.

“Well back in 2015 there was a set of twins called Leona & Lewis, and I had about five Miley’s,” said Mrs Clarkson, “But this year there’s a bunch of new names I’ve never heard of!”

After reading down a familiar run of names like Adam, Bailey and Charlotte, Mrs Clarkson finally landed on some names that forced her to bring up some Wikipedia pages.

“Dua, I’ve never heard that one before,” whispered Mrs Clarkson, pulling her glasses off and giving them a quick wipe.

“And Doja, what’s that about?”

Firing up her school laptop, Mrs Clarkson was stumped to learn that once again chart topping artists from a few years back were coming to fruition and beginning to influence her classroom.

“Ohhh they’re musos, that makes sense,” sighed Mrs Clarkson.

“At least I haven’t got a little brat called Daenerys like last year, that kid was a fiery handful and her brother was a psycho too!”

More to come.


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