It’s said that people can and do change for the better as they grow older, but for local woman Natasha Banks, that saying, unfortunately, does not ring true.

The thirty-two-year-old office worker is alleged to have been ‘that kid’ in school, who was quick to remind the teacher that there was homework due.

Reasoning that it wasn’t fair that she’d done her maths and therefore, shouldn’t be penalised due to others being slack, Natasha was always too happy to take on the collective anger of the classroom, if it meant she got that juicy red tick.

However, the lack of diplomacy – though still shitty for a kid to do –  was more forgivable given that her frontal lobe hadn’t formed yet.

But Natasha’s fondness for throwing people under the bus has since thrived in an office environment, where backstabbing, petty gossip and passive aggressive comments seem key to navigating your way to the top. 

Considering her workload is well managed, it appears as though Natasha has nothing better to do than stir the pot, as she’d rather focus on trivial politics than face her conscious incompetence. Her latest gaffe, aside from constantly uploading shitty outdated memes into the group Slack channel, is CCing the boss on every company email – all of which is orchestrated under the guise of ‘just making sure that things get done.’

Though mildly annoying to most people, it’s said that the resident web developer has taken on the brunt of Natasha’s incessant emails and has considered, at one point, throwing the whole monitor out the window.

It’s unknown if Natasha will ever lighten up and read the room, but in the likelihood that she ever worms her way into a position of power, she’ll no doubt be a micromanaging nightmare.

More to come.


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