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The Special Air Service is under attack and one of the nation’s most influential media moguls is coming to their defence.

In recent years, the ABC and other unpatriotic news services have been reporting on the alleged misconduct of some members of Australia’s most elite special forces army unit, the Special Air Service.

Kerry Stokes has a deep passion for military history and the SAS in particular. Most famously in years gone by, Mr Stokes has used his vast fortune to acquire some Victoria Cross medals to be put on display at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

So when the ABC et al decided to smear the good name of the Regiment, Stokes decided to fight back.

“I told my network executives to make that SAS show they have in the UK,” he said in a rare telephone call with The Advocate.

“Because it’s not fair. I don’t think these ABC types appreciate what war and conflict is like. They publish these things out of context. Yes, there may be been some misconduct, some so-called war crimes,”

“But what price, what cost do you put on the democratic society that the Diggers have provided us? They gave their lives so people at the ABC can investigate things all day, get on the light rail to go home and relax at night in their renovated Glebe terrace house. They gave their lives for everything we have,”

“It’s the least we can do. Making this show is the least I can do.”

More to come.


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